Best Paediatric Clinic In Bandlaguda, Hyderabad

The pediatricians at Manvi Multispeciality Clinic are considered as the Best Pediatricians in Bandlaguda, Hyderabad. The reason beyond is the Team-based treatment that connects more individuals with patient care and provides the doctors with extra time to hear, think in-depth, and build partnerships with patients.

With an epidemic of public health like pandemic influenza, the pediatric patient population needs different treatment and care. Clinics like Manvi Multispeciality Clinic is advised to prepare and supply these children with additional medical services during an emergency in public health.

Team members of pediatricians should be well aware of the patient and their health background, status, and special needs. They are allocated diverse roles that collectively contribute to continuous, thorough, organized treatment during and between visits. Consequently, all the team members have a responsibility to the patient’s leading role. You can get this kind of team work only at Manvi Multispeciality Clinic.

We provide childcare from birth up to 22 years, providing care for children with disabilities and a well-being schedule. As pediatricians, our abilities are unique in caring for prematurely born children who have numerous medical needs.

We think pediatrics can be something more than childhood diseases are treated. In children over one year of age, the most frequent causes of injuries and death are accidents, all of which are foreseeable due to the stage of developmental development of children and thus preventable. Parents also struggle with behavioral issues, and we guide you through each visit and warn you about what to expect and how to deal with problems before they start.


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Cardiologists at Our Hospitals diagnose and treat a wide range of heart conditions including coronary heart disease, Atherosclerosis, Aortic Stenosis, acquired and inherited arrhythmias, acquired and inherited cardiomyopathy, high blood cholesterol and triglycerides, heart attacks, chest pain, angina, valvular heart disease, pulmonary hypertension, pericarditis, peripheral vascular disease, heart failure, restrictive and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, supraventricular tachycardia, ventricular tachycardia and congenital heart disease.

The department of cardiology has the best cardiologists, technology, facilities and supportive staff who are committed to provide care encompassing all aspects of cardiac care – preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic. Our cardiology department cater to all the subspecialties of cardiology including diagnostic, interventional, non-invasive, and surgical.
  • Cardiothoracic surgeries
  • Minimally Invasive heart surgeries
  • Coronary Bypass Surgery- Beating Heart (on-pump/ off-pump)
  • Aneurysm and Root Repairs
  • Implantation of ventricular assist devices
  • Cardiac surgeries for Congenital malformities
  • Heart valve replacement and repair surgery
  • Major Aortic surgeries
  • LVAD Implants
  • Grownup Congenital Cardiac Surgeries
  • CT Angiography
  • CT Scanner
  • Echocardiography system
  • Colour Dopplers
  • Holter Monitor
  • State-of-the-art operation theatres (well equipped with latest technology)
  • Smart CCU’s
  • State-of-the-art Cath Lab
  • Echocardiography
  • Advanced Electrophysiology Lab
  • Round-the-clock cardiac emergency services
  • Cardiac rehabilitation Programs
  • Interventional, Cardiovascular and Cardiothoracic services
  • 24/7 Availability of trained cardiologists
  • Cardiothoracic CCU’s with round the clock care
  • Post-operative healthcare
  • Paediatric Cardiology Unit
  • Rapid Action Team for Emergency Cardiac Care

Our Mission

To offer qualitative and comprehensive services in a patient-friendly environment with a focus on clinical excellence, safety, dignity and transparency, while staying affordable and accessible to every patient in need.

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Our Mission

Our goal is to help healthcare groups, clinics, and individual physicians obtain a commitment to the patients and produce improved results by leveraging their technologies.

Manvi Multispeciality Clinic has over twenty-something years of experience in the healthcare industry with the help of a team of committed and caring medical professionals.

To ensure caring medical practitioners have safe and reliable quality healthcare.

To foster a trustful, trustworthy, respectful, equitable, and ethical climate.

To have added benefit to protect and improve clinical performance, patient safety, patient loyalty, creative, reliable, and constant health, and medical treatment.


ManviMultispeciality Clinic has a team of outstanding doctors to treat many of the sufferings of a wide variety of medical problems. The best treatment for your family in Bandlaguda, Hyderabad. A highly trained and seasoned team of experts to appeal to patients of all walks of life.

We emphasize the standard of medical treatment for all and personalized advice for all. We have explicitly crafted preventive health check-up services that will help you recognize illnesses and get timely help from our physicians. We have experts from various departments that work as a team to improve the health of the patient. The completely computerized clinic information system and electronic medical records make it easier for physicians to determine the patient’s situation.

Advanced facilities that make us different

Your wellbeing is a valuable asset that requires the best of expert treatment. There’s so much unpredictability these days that you need reliable medical support and specialist doctors in the vicinity.