Privacy Policy

Manvi Multispeciality Clinic are obliged, by statute, to keep patient records private, to send this written notice to you, and to comply with the terms of this Notice. This policy refers to data obtained or posted on our website. We promise that the protection of the information given to us will be taken seriously, and your privacy and confidence will be protected. We shall not share any individual contents with outside authority or third parties knowingly or otherwise required by the legislation. We may not promise that your electronic correspondence or the contents or documents will not be open to third parties.

Manvi Multispeciality Clinic can contact you by different correspondence methods including cell, SMS, internet messaging (including Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, etc.), e-mails updated by appointments, medical records, medical questions, information at Manvi Multispeciality Clinic and its other facilities managed by the foundation, but not limited to them. You may either express the same to the caller if you do not want to receive those communications.

While Manvi Multispeciality Clinic attempts to guarantee, at the time of inclusion on the website, that all information and advice, whether related to goods, facilities, deals, or otherwise given within the context of this website, are reliable, Manvi Multispeciality Clinic shall not guarantee the authenticity of the information. No statements or assurances are provided by Manvi Multispeciality Clinic regarding the completeness or authenticity of details.

We shall receive your Data directly from you from third parties and our website automatically. E.g., this Personal Information will refer to the kind of computer you use, the time you log in to our site, your IP address, and other Personal Information.

You will use the manner listed below to view the personal information that you share with us. You may also exchange more Personal Information with Us and change the publicly identifying information. We take into account that you have access to the sensitive details that you share.

Details shall be given on condition that the individuals who obtain the same shall, in advance or by making a decision, settle on those entities’ suitability for their use. Any usage or details on this page is at your own risk. Manvi Multispeciality Clinic or its officers, employees, or agents shall not be responsible for any damage, loss, or cost resulting from any access to use of, or related websites, this website or this material.

We reserve the right to change our privacy/security policies to make the latest legislation applicable to any information we hold periodically. The new guideline is displayed in our clinic and departments and accessible directly from our clinic when undergoing care. You can consider any changes to this Data Protection and Security Policy in your use of our website.

Except for this website, we do not expand the Protection and Privacy Policies. Even if those sites are linked to our locales or use our link to our website, we do not promise or pledge the personal information communicated by you to other websites.

The data posted on this website and the terms and conditions found therein shall be regulated by India’s laws and interpreted therein. The jurisdictions of the courts shall be liable to any controversy arising from the use of this platform, whether in contract or a tort or other manner.